// related projects and individuals

  • hans platzgumer - musician companion in various projects for many years
  • bing selfish - avant garde pop singer, one-man explosion of creativity and current collaborator in many projects
  • andi holzknecht - this artist wears a sly grin whenever he's getting serious
  • toxic dreams - the vienna fringe theater group with the probably most un-viennese sense of humor
  • asifa.net - an international group of animation filmers
  • dienz.at - this man writes lots of dots on lines and misstreats his zither with very interesting results
  • kmet - a loopstation one-man band, layering his songs right before your eyes&ears
  • thewaz.com - ex-member of SPLINTERS with his own bands and projects
  • www.muni.at the Galli girls - acting, directing with an unfallible sense for sense
  • http://bernhard-ensemble.at/ this ensemble is a pleasure to watch - whatever they do

see what my friend URIOLPONG did to my song Bang Happy (xterkyu 05), good gracious!!!


GuerraNo 28.03.2003 - NO A LA GUERRA - Yeah, that is right. People can get really pissed off if you start a war, especially against their will. Listen to the beautiful sound that filled the streets here in Barcelona every night, after the Evening News, protesting against the attack on Irak. Keep that spirit, folks !!
caserolada.mp3 (444kB)