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cover kyuDVD04
xter kyu DVD 04 /// LBRE ALBEDRÍO - Spitting in the Eye of the Hollywood Mammoth '08
The ultimate Libre Albedrío short film collection 2004-2007. Three films in one delirious package: PICNIC EN EL GARRAF - a mediterranean cover version of Andrei Tarkowski's classic sci-fi epic Stalker, the colorful gangster/extraterrestrian crossover DRYTOWN and ANTONI, ANTONI, ANTONI, a short film about art, fame and barbed wire. Bold, contemporary, digital underground, exploding cinema
____________ DVD PAL 81 min (15.- €)
cover kyuDVD03
xter kyu DVD 03 ///ANTONI ANTONI ANTONI - Libre Albedrío '07
A short film about art, fame and barbed wire by the film collective Libre Albedrío, shot in Barcelona in one day. Antoni, the artist from cradle to museum, a deep insight into the complex world of modern art.
____________ DVD PAL 11 min (discontinued - part of DVD 04)
cover kyu07
xter kyu 07 /// IRENE COTICCHIO & THE LONESOME ANDI HALLER BAND - De Lady in de Tutti Frutti Hat '06
After her appearance in Drytown as mobile addicted lovebird, Irene Coticchio this time sings some classic Carmen Miranda songs transposized into the 21st century by the Lonesome Andi Haller Band. Music from the stage musical of the same title by the theater group Toxic Dreams
____________ CD 36 min (8.- €)
cover kyuDVD02
xter kyu DVD 02 ///DRYTOWN - A film by Libre Albedrío '05
Don't miss out on this film by the film collective Libre Albedrío starring amongst many others Lonesome Andi Haller as buddha kissing young gangster and dancing extraterrestrial and the great Bing Selfish as plane spotting old gangster with a bad stomach. A power struggle in a shady district of Barcelona with music by the LAHB.
read more about it HERE
____________ DVD PAL 40 min (discontinued - part of DVD 04)
cover kyu06
xter kyu 06 ///LONESOME ANDI HALLER & BING SELFISH - No Puedo Dejar de Pensar en Ti/Vidas Pasadas '04
two spanish popsongs by the duo that did the 2man-musical about Yoko Ono and Hugh Grant.
Buñuel would bang along on his easter drum to this surreal lovesong and dance to the chunky stomper about live in an anthill. Definitely something to get you through the summer.
including remix versions in the spirit of Dub-ub-ub-b-b and english translation lyrics.
____________ CD single 4 tracks (5.- €)
cover kyu05
xter kyu 05 ///LONESOME ANDI HALLER BAND - Bang Happy '00
compared to "3 Filme & 1 Theaterstück" which was a world of almost childlike emotion - including the surreal, the new LAHB album takes more of a sarcastic view, approaching the bizarre in what is supposed to make the world go round. to a substantial part this is also due to the lyrics provided by Yosi Wanunu, director of Toxic Dreams. our strange world, dealt with con gusto.
contemporary popmusic for the pondering. including pseudo-chinese square dance, a quartet of blown bottles, a backing band formed by two ukuleles, a tuba and the soundchip of an old atari computer
____________ CD full length (10.- €)
cover kyu04
xter kyu 04 ///LAHB - Die grössten Erfolge aus Die Amerikanische Prinzessin '99
limited edition (for sale at the box office), greatest hits from another play staged by Toxic Dreams - sold out but tracks form part of x-ter kyu 05
cover kyu03
xter kyu 03 ///LONESOME ANDI HALLER BAND - 3 Filme & 1 Theaterstück '98
a compilation of soundtrack work for film and theatre, rich in sounds and styles. the films include JUGOFILM and SUZIE WASHINGTON, both feature films, as well as the experimental short film PICNIC IN THE GREEN. the theatre music was written for a play by Richard Foreman, staged by the group Toxic Dreams, famous for their excessive use of music in their shows as well as their reckless surrealism.
beat driven soundscapes, 60ish popsong, a lot of influences of the folkmusic from the balkans, sad, sweet and bizarre.
____________ CD full length (10.- €)
cover kyu02
xter kyu 02 ///SPLINTERS '98
Bass&Drums duo taking the rock-setup on a trip into the worlds of electronica, still hitting it hard. intricate grooves and technoid sounds this side of sequencing played by former rhythm section of the rockband HP ZINKER.
________________ CD 22min (8.- €)
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cover kyu01
xter kyu 01 ///LONESOME ANDI HALLER BAND - Halbe Welt '93
the soundtrack to a low-budget Sci-Fi movie recorded on a low-budged 4TR cassetterecorder. from sweet ballad miniatures to hearty trash guitars and outa-there rootstechno. 27min in glorious mono.
_______________ CD (sold out)
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