To change the world is not easy. Especially if you are a lonely clone of Bertolt Brecht in Chicago 2012. Or an alien from the other end of the galaxy approaching L.A. to save the earth just a few weeks after Pearl Harbour.
Here comes the show, that finally explains it all: The famous 'Battle of L.A.' UFO incident, how to become a true business samurai, why you need closed circuit tv, and What is an Alien Proletarian Anarchist ?! - Bankers love it. UFOlogists dread it.
A one-man stage musical by Lonesome Andi Haller full of catchy tunes and chilling facts. Come and see. Marvel and be entertained. Listen and learn.

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We Came To Save The Earth - Alien and video background Bob - Investor Relations AlphaAlphaSpeech Brecht and Liberty Einstein Brecht video background
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