Santa Monica, California, 1942. A war has been declared and they are ready to fight. The air raid sirens start to howl. Something is approaching, hovering over the beachfront, guns start firing, lights penetrate the night sky. But nothing happens, no bombs, no shot down aircraft, just shrapnels and collateral damage. Who was that? What did they come for?
In his studio the exiled Bert Brecht hits the typewriter. He's writing poems in basic german, and he feels like being on Mars. He doesn't know he's been chosen to save the earth. He doesn't know his house is bugged.
Listening in on him in a stuffy room is special agent Schweinsschöberl, of austrian origin, and not as eager as the FBI would like its personell to be...
-- A one-man musical by Lonesome Andi Haller and his rotten Band. -- to xterkyu news